Mission Statement:

Skia Ranch is dedicated to serving those who serve the Lord by providing a unique setting for fellowship and rest in Christ while also acting as a sanctuary of leadership and mentorship for youth.


Why we exist:

Statistics show that stress contributes to 90% of all diseases. Half of all doctors’ visits are stress related. Doctors, Lawyers and clergy have the most problems with drug abuse, alcoholism and suicide. Since 1980, studies in the U.S. describe an alarming spread of burnout in the profession. Three out of four ministers report severe stress causing anguish, worry bewilderment, anger, depression, fear, and alienation. There are many factors that contribute to the stress of ministers; the demand of being available 24/7, the expectation to be ‘perfect’, financial stress both personally and professionally. The list goes on.

     Pastors, their families and church leaders very often face a great deal of stress, fatigue and even burn out. In their circle of friends, very few pastors or their wives have someone that they can confide in. Far too often congregations and even church leaders don’t recognize or understand this. Rarely does it occur for the minister to be ministered to. They need to be able to open up to someone they can trust and not feel that they are being evaluated. Leaders are often over worked and under appreciated. Their work often goes unnoticed until it fails to get done.

     In today’s society our youth often do not understand the meaning of serving others, how to recognize when to step in and give a hand without a nudge to do so. We often have young people who want to be in service for the Lord but do not understand the basis of serving. At Skia Ranch we want to nurture the desire to serve in a practical real way by learning to meet the needs of other men and women.


The Meaning of Skia

     Skia is a Greek word found in the New Testament which when translated literally means shadow, but not just any shadow, a Devine shadow a place of refuge, of refreshing and delight. At Skia Ranch will strive to be exactly that! A place of refuge, refreshing and delight. A place where God will shadow down and envelope his people. Psalm 63:7 says, “…in the shadow of your wings I sing for joy.”


We long for or pastors and leaders to rediscover that original passion that had that drew them into ministry.