Skia Ranch is a 501(c)3 ministry that provides retreats for ministers and their spouses of every denomination. Each retreat, which we call Breathers, are designed to allow participants to spend time alone with God and their spouse in rest, prayer, or nature! Pastors set their own daily schedule or can use reference activities such as kayaking, ziplining, or hiking on their UnSchedule to create their own unique retreat experience. Prayer partners and educational materials are provided for each guest. Our donors allow us to make scholarships available for our guest ministers so that there is little to no cost.

Serving those who serve the Lord is our primary focus. If you are someone you know is a pastor in need of retreat or any other type of assistance please let us know. Currently, we offer biannual Breather retreats to allow pastors and their spouses to spend time with the Lord and each other. Visit our Breather page for more information.

Skia’s vision is to one day host a 24 hour, year round facility where pastors, missionaries, and ministers can come to year round in order to find peace and focus. Other dreams such as a ministry school, long term sabbatical and family facilities are also in our future.

Thank you for your interest in Skia, we appreciate your support.